Some Risks of Homemade Wine You Should Know

It is not dangerous to make homemade wine in the death-or life sense but the process of making wine can create an inhospitable environment for bacteria causing sickness. However, you can find some things that can ruin a lot of wine; sanitation issue is one of these things.

1. Headaches

Headache is the first complaints from homemade wine, drinkers will feel headache the following day. It is because the overabundance of histamines and tannins in the wine. Red wine is known as being full of tannins and you need experience if you want to get a proper balance.

2. Contaminated Materials

You should be aware of that you have to sterilize everything when you use them to contact with the homemade wine, even your fingers. The taste of the wine will be affected if it has any addition of bacteria or contaminant. AS you know, the taste and smell of wine can be similar to vinegar if it is attacked by the smallest amount of bacteria. We cannot change the fact that when bacteria meet oxygen and wine, it will create acetic acid that is able to ruin the homemade wine.


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6 Benefits of Wine

You have been warned: Alcohol is not good for health. Each lot of this stems from the fact, when we see the wine has brought life worse for many families. The drunken father beats the mother and his children or does things that he himself was not aware.

Drinking too much alcohol and repeatedly also lead to diseases such as cirrhosis, liver cancer, jaundice, stomach pain… there are too many consequences caused by alcohol consumption. It broke the family happy and endangering human lives.

But it is not for any kind of alcohol, the wine is quite the opposite. Many the scientific in the world studies have demonstrated, wine is attractive drinks and good for human health. Also you should remember that whether you drink, or beer, or using any stimulants, even coffee, if you abuse it always brings bad consequences and that you and the bear your relatives. So when you use wine reasonably, it also brings benefits to you.

Avoiding the risk of heart disease and stroke

The fact proven, the French rate of coronary heart disease and stroke compared with just half of Americans, although people in the two countries have regimes and similar food preferences. Why? One reason is very simple, but few people pay attention to, such as the French have the habit of drinking wine, especially red wine, in moderation during meals than Americans.

The alcohol concentration in wine is only about 11-14%, about 4-5 times lower than spirits, has the concentration of 40-75. Wine, especially red wine, bring many benefits to health if you drink in moderation, about 100-200 / day.

Fighting some aging factors

Some ingredients in wine that is resistant to the aging process of cells. Particularly, flavonoid antioxidants in red wine 10-20 times higher than vegetables.

One other antioxidant is worth to note being the resveratrol. This substance is found in the peel of grapes, especially red grapes ripe for absorbing more sunlight. In addition, resveratrol has the ability to fight infections.

Reducing the process of atherosclerosis

Causes the formation of arterial plaque is caused by oxidation of lipoproteins in the arterial wall.

Wine helps increase levels of HDL cholesterol (a type of cholesterol is beneficial to the body) and prevent LDL (bad cholesterol) from start to form. Thus, you can prevent blood vessel blockage when drinking wine.

The new therapy to treat lung disease

According to scientific research being conducted in the UK and the US, where the antioxidant resveratrol found in red wine that helps to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Stimulate eat and digest well

Just sipping 100ml wine at dinner, you will feel more delicious. Wine is capable of neutralizing the fat, protecting you from bloating and feeling more comfortable after eating.

Other benefits of wine

The synthesis of many vitamins in red wine such as vitamin C, B1, B3, B5, B6, zinc, lipoic acid… prevents the diabetes. Also, drinking red wine in moderation is a way to help you reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer, Parkinson…

If you really believe that alcohol is the cause many adverse effects on the health and lives of people then look back a little and see the benefits of wine that bring us.  You use wine rightly and the right dose and you use wine or everything reasonably that has its benefits.


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