How to Preserve Fresh Grape for Long Term

Fresh grapes contain a lot of antioxidants, vitamin C and various kinds of vitamins that which are good for health. Besides, fresh grapes could improve eyesigh, cognition, and blood pressure levels. Grapes are favorite fruit of many people and they can make various products from grapes such as: grape jam, grape wine, grape syrup; and available all season. It is great to have a dinner then enjoy your dessert by fresh grapes, right?  After purchasing from supermarket, you start searching different ways to keep grapes tasty and fresh for several days or up to months. Recently, using vacuum sealers become a good solution to preserve fresh grapes. Now we are going to give you some advices about keeping grape fresh for long time and use of vacuum sealer for storing. First, you need to select the most suitable vacuum sealer for your home. One of them is foodsaver v2244 model. The machine is the best selling vacuum sealing system for home on the market.

Step 1. Choosing Grapes

First, remember these tips to ensure you are choosing fresh grapes. Grapes with green stems which are firmly connected to the fruit are fresh one. Too ripe grapes often almost have brown sterns and they may spoil very fast. Moreover, you could determine the ripeness of grapes by theirs colors and hue. White grapes should have frosty green color; purple and red grapes should feature rich and dark hue. Remember to avoid selecting grapes with brown discoloration and abnormal hues. Additionally, check mold on grapes’ cluster.  Then finally taste grapes whether they are sweet and fresh or not. If you feel there is strong smell of vinegar, it means grapes have been fermented.


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