How to Drink Wine Properly

There are a lot of arguments about the benefits of wine to health. Some believe that wine is harmful to our health and they should be banned to be widely sold while others believe that wine has its own health benefits. Both of two contrary opinions are partially right. Therefore, the answer is just about how to drink wine properly? The proper way of drinking wine means that how to drink wine in the smart ways to get the health benefits from it and the answer would come from these below questions.

How Much We Should Drink Wine per Day?

There is a misperception of the amount of alcohol consumption per day for individuals. Some believe that each individual can drink 3 glasses of wine per day whereas others believe that each person should have only one glass. There is no exact study to show that we should drink one glass or three glasses per day is good for our health. But bear in mind, a little is always better than too much. In addition, the amount of wine consumption also depends on what is the gender of drinkers. Therefore, one drink per day for women and two for men is as a recommendation. You may wonder how much is considered as one drink? That is 5 ounces.

When We Should Have Some Drink?

The fact is drinking wine at wrong time may lead to serious problems related to health like stomach ache, heart diseases and other diseases. To avoid this, we shouldn’t drink wine when our stomach is empty because an empty stomach will speed up alcohol absorption. It is better to pair wine with food because alcohol can stimulate the appetite. When alcohol is mixed with food, it can slow the stomach’s emptying time and reduce the absorption rate of alcohol. Therefore, dinner time would be a perfect time to have your drink. In addition, we shouldn’t drink wine at time closely to the bed time because wine may give you a restless sleep and being tired the next morning. You should have your drink before bed time at least 3 hours.
In conclusion, wine is not a poison but it is a double-edges sword. Wine can be healthier or harmful to our health. It depends on how you drink it. Therefore, you should have your drink in moderation. Furthermore, there are some individuals who should avoid alcohol drinks including wines and beers. Just be smart with your drink.

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