My General View of Grape Harvesting

Wine is one of the most popular drinks in the world. There are countless grape fields dedicated to the sake of making wine. One of the most important steps in the production of wine is the harvesting of wine grape. In this article, we will feature basic knowledges about the grape harvesting.

1. The Time for Harvesting Wine Grape

In the north hemisphere, the harvesting season is around the late August to the early October. Some sparkling wine needs unripe grapes to maintain the acidity, the harvesting for these wine grapes will be around the late July to the early August.

A vine yard in California (in the north hemisphere)

In the south hemisphere, the majority of wine grapes will be harvested from February to April. In warmer places, the harvesting of grape can be as early as in January. In the cool sites, the harvest season is in June.


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