The Main Red Grape Varieties of Wine

There are 4 main red grape varieties of French wine. The famous names of these bottles of French wine are: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Syrah or Syraz

Cabernet Sauvignon

Origin: Bordeaux. Is now grown around the world.

Short description: The wines made from grapes grown on the left bank of the river in Bordeaux Rironde very tasty because the land here due to rapid drainage and gravel lot. Cabernet Sauvignon is the natural choice for the wine producers of the New World countries such as Australia, South Africa, North America and even Italy, Spain and Central Europe.

These red grape varieties with the dark green color and the thick shell should provide the necessary amounts of tannins, nice color and very fragrant. Characteristic taste of wine made from this grape variety is the smell of black fruit, old furniture, the smell of coffee, tobacco odor, smell Ciga, smelly cigar box, violets, mineral smell, the smell of green pepper (especially if somewhat under-ripe grapes), chocolate and so on Young wines and fruity flavors as diverse as the wine matured.


Origin: Bordeaux. Currently, it is the main grape varieties in Italy and California.

Short description: The village is located on the left side there Rironde River Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, the famous side have typically 2 Pemerol and St Emilion villages. This grape variety has the thin shell and the large fruit shape. The wines made from this grape flavored fruit cake, smelly black fruit, ripe cherries and plums. It is less tannic than Cabernet Sauvignon and frequently used for mixing when need be added to the five vintages.

Pinot Noir

Origin: Burgundy, Champagne is the main grape variety. At present, it is growing much like New Zealand, California and Australia.

Description: Many winemakers on planting vines TG trying to compete with wine in Burgundy but none achieved such excellent quality. However, New Zealand, California, Australia and South Africa also achieved much success, though widely known wines in these regions have the same general characteristics as fruit flavor quite different from bold Burgundy. This grape variety has the thin skin, growing in small bunches.

Pinot Noir has a vital role as one of three grape which is widely grown in the Champagne. The youngest are often the characteristic taste of red fruit flavors, plum blueberries, strawberries and chocolate. Alcohol also more mature horse hair smell, the smell of fur, farm smell, smell the smell of fertilizer and compost. That is great!

Syrah or Syraz

Origins: Rhône Valley, particularly in the north. Grown in Australia and in some other countries.

Features: Syrah is the grape that some famous wines in the northern Rhône valley, not only in Côte Rotie (this area many slopes, hot) and Cornas and Hermitage but also Croze – Hermitage. In Australia most people who drink are all familiar with the name of this Syrah, it is also found in inexpensive wines to wines of a farm like Penfolds, once treated as Hermitage.

This grape variety shell out high tannin wines with an animal and can be perennial. Late-ripening, so it is suitable for places with warmer weather as the Rhône and Australia. However, it also is grown in South Africa, Chile and California. Its taste can be similar to the fruity black, black pepper, but it gave the smell of raspberry, spice, and mint smell, the smell of barbecue, charcoal, smoke and tar. As an adult, it can add a special rubber smell northern Rhône.


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