Specificities of American Grape Wine

Since the man discovered how to make wine from several thousand years ago, the wine is the companion of man in both the happy and sad moments. We usually drink wine in meetings, festivals, wedding ceremonies, holidays and religious facilities.

Wine is the alcoholic beverage which is fermented from grapes, grains (rice, barley …) or vegetables (potatoes, apples …). Among them, the most preferred and popular type of wine is the grape wine. Let’s find out the specificities of American grape wine in this article.

The grape wine was divided into three categories: Wine (vin in French), Cognac and Champagne.


Wine is an alcoholic beverage fermented from grape juice. Red wines are usually fermented grape juice and rind while white wine is fermented grape juice only. One feature of the wine is fermented without distillation. Alcohol concentrations range from 8-18 degrees. American grape wines are generally classified according to the origin and the type of grape.


Cognac is a brandy, 40% alcohol, produced in the Cognac region of France, is distilled from wine fermentation, after an incubation period in oak barrels before being brought bottled and sold around the world great.

Cognac, after twice distilled and spicy white wine due to very high concentrations, often above 40% alcohol. Cognac people have proof distilled liquor in the Tonneaux barrel with the 350-liter capacity, was closed by a special type of oak forests that grow in the mountains at the north of Limousin Cognac region.

The tree must be aged over 100 years to be lowered down. These young plants than for wine quality is not guaranteed. Cooper sawing wood into a rectangular plate, drying in the shade after 3 years to close the barrels sold to the distillery. Deputy of oak wood are fine grain, waterproof and contains tannins, substances key to the flavor and color of special Cognac, not mixed with other wines in the world.

After the wine in barrels, wine barrels are numbered in the order and put the wine in, then transferred to the Chais. Tunnel as far as possible, because it contains less oxygen does not make the wine was sour. After a fairly long duration, the wine will be taken out of the bucket, bottle. Based on the number of years has written on the wine barrel when put into comparison with the year for wine, the company will record the age of the wine on the label of the products sold in the market.


Champagne is a sparkling wine, a concentration of 10-12%, which is fermented twice, first in wooden barrels, then extracted into the bottle, add sugar and fermented in the bottle.  Particularly the wooden barrels of wine containers have a special cap system, opens play online with enough time to exit without CO2 gas for other gasses to penetrate. When grapes ferment, people mix sugar, then decanted into bottles, placed upside down and incubated in sealed tunnels, from 3 to 6 years to bring to the market consumers.

Currently, there are three types of Champagne market: non-sweet type (brut), slightly sweet (demi-sec) and sweet (doux). Today Champagne makers draw stars as symbols on the labels of wine bottles as 1 star is 3 years, 4 years 2 star, 3-star and 5 years. The wines produced in other parts not called champagne, only to be called sparkling (vin mousseux, sparkling wine)


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