Best Rules for Great Wine and Food Pairings

Matching the Best Wine for your Meals

Wine is a good companion for meals, usually for dinner. So the question that begs to be asked – is there a hard and fast rule about which wine to pair with which food?

The answer is no. At the end of the day or the meal, it comes down to your own personal preference. You can always enjoy your crispy bacon with a Chardonnay. You might be pleasantly surprised how well they go together. (more…)

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Some Risks of Homemade Wine You Should Know

It is not dangerous to make homemade wine in the death-or life sense but the process of making wine can create an inhospitable environment for bacteria causing sickness. However, you can find some things that can ruin a lot of wine; sanitation issue is one of these things.

1. Headaches

Headache is the first complaints from homemade wine, drinkers will feel headache the following day. It is because the overabundance of histamines and tannins in the wine. Red wine is known as being full of tannins and you need experience if you want to get a proper balance.

2. Contaminated Materials

You should be aware of that you have to sterilize everything when you use them to contact with the homemade wine, even your fingers. The taste of the wine will be affected if it has any addition of bacteria or contaminant. AS you know, the taste and smell of wine can be similar to vinegar if it is attacked by the smallest amount of bacteria. We cannot change the fact that when bacteria meet oxygen and wine, it will create acetic acid that is able to ruin the homemade wine.


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How to Drink Wine Properly

There are a lot of arguments about the benefits of wine to health. Some believe that wine is harmful to our health and they should be banned to be widely sold while others believe that wine has its own health benefits. Both of two contrary opinions are partially right. Therefore, the answer is just about how to drink wine properly? The proper way of drinking wine means that how to drink wine in the smart ways to get the health benefits from it and the answer would come from these below questions.

How Much We Should Drink Wine per Day?

There is a misperception of the amount of alcohol consumption per day for individuals. Some believe that each individual can drink 3 glasses of wine per day whereas others believe that each person should have only one glass. There is no exact study to show that we should drink one glass or three glasses per day is good for our health. But bear in mind, a little is always better than too much. In addition, the amount of wine consumption also depends on what is the gender of drinkers. Therefore, one drink per day for women and two for men is as a recommendation. You may wonder how much is considered as one drink? That is 5 ounces.


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My General View of Grape Harvesting

Wine is one of the most popular drinks in the world. There are countless grape fields dedicated to the sake of making wine. One of the most important steps in the production of wine is the harvesting of wine grape. In this article, we will feature basic knowledges about the grape harvesting.

1. The Time for Harvesting Wine Grape

In the north hemisphere, the harvesting season is around the late August to the early October. Some sparkling wine needs unripe grapes to maintain the acidity, the harvesting for these wine grapes will be around the late July to the early August.

A vine yard in California (in the north hemisphere)

In the south hemisphere, the majority of wine grapes will be harvested from February to April. In warmer places, the harvesting of grape can be as early as in January. In the cool sites, the harvest season is in June.


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A Brief Introduction of Wine

Wine seems to be an irreplaceable part of our life. From thousands of years ago, people had learnt how to make and consume wine. In this article, we will feature a brief introduction of wine.

What is wine?

Wine is an alcoholic beverage which is originally made from fermented grapes. Later on, people also use other fermented fruits to make wine. The fermentation process will turn the sugar in the grapes into ethanol and carbon dioxide. (more…)

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Red Wine Beef Stew recipe

Tender, Flavorful Beef Stew by Sous Vide

My idea of a perfect beef stew is tender beef in sauce of the right consistency and full of flavor. We are going to give specific tips on how to achieve this perfect beef stew using the sous vide method of cooking to get the beef all tender and juicy.

The beef

Choosing the meat

Fresh beef

Fresh beef

We want meat that has lots of connective tissues so when you cook it, it softens and breaks down and adds flavor and texture to the beef stew. Ask your butcher for a boneless chuck roll that has been cut from the front shoulder of the steer.

Cooking the meat sous vide

Beef Sous Vide Cooking

Beef Sous Vide Cooking

This involves using a sous vide machine and a vacuum-sealer. To cook sous vide means you are going to give the meat a water bath. You put the meat inside plastic bags, vacuum-seal it to lock in the flavors and to make sure water does not seep into the bag. The vacuum-sealed bag is then placed inside the sous vide machine where temperature is controlled at around 55 to 60 degrees Celsius, which is lower than what is used for normal cooking.

Equipment needed for sous vide

vacuum sealing beef

The first equipment you need is a trusty vacuum-sealer and some bags. You put the food inside the bag with the spices. You then vacuum-seal the bag.

sous vide water bath

sous vide water bath

The second equipment you need is a sous vide water bath. Most purchases will already include the stainless steel rack that holds the bags with the meat, making sure they stay under water. Most sous vide water baths have digital display for easy operation. (more…)

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How to Preserve Fresh Grape for Long Term

Fresh grapes contain a lot of antioxidants, vitamin C and various kinds of vitamins that which are good for health. Besides, fresh grapes could improve eyesigh, cognition, and blood pressure levels. Grapes are favorite fruit of many people and they can make various products from grapes such as: grape jam, grape wine, grape syrup; and available all season. It is great to have a dinner then enjoy your dessert by fresh grapes, right?  After purchasing from supermarket, you start searching different ways to keep grapes tasty and fresh for several days or up to months. Recently, using vacuum sealers become a good solution to preserve fresh grapes. Now we are going to give you some advices about keeping grape fresh for long time and use of vacuum sealer for storing. First, you need to select the most suitable vacuum sealer for your home. One of them is foodsaver v2244 model. The machine is the best selling vacuum sealing system for home on the market.

Step 1. Choosing Grapes

First, remember these tips to ensure you are choosing fresh grapes. Grapes with green stems which are firmly connected to the fruit are fresh one. Too ripe grapes often almost have brown sterns and they may spoil very fast. Moreover, you could determine the ripeness of grapes by theirs colors and hue. White grapes should have frosty green color; purple and red grapes should feature rich and dark hue. Remember to avoid selecting grapes with brown discoloration and abnormal hues. Additionally, check mold on grapes’ cluster.  Then finally taste grapes whether they are sweet and fresh or not. If you feel there is strong smell of vinegar, it means grapes have been fermented.


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How to Keep Grapes Fresh in Fridge

Fresh grapes have been known as the natural solution to make us younger and healthier. You can find numerous elements in grapes that improve our eyesight, cognition and control the blood pressure. They include different types of vitamins and antioxidants. There is a variety of ways to keep the grapes fresh for several days or weeks. One of the best methods to maintain the freshness and tasty of grapes is wrapping them by a vacuum sealer before storing in the fridge. If you are looking for  top vacuum sealers to keep grapes fresh, visit our foodsaver reviews and comparison to choice.

Here are our suggestions to get fresh grapes after many purchase dates.

1. Select Fresh Grapes

  • The first important requirement of the effective storage is choosing fresh and firm grapes. You should avoid grapes with brown stems because they ripe soon and might quickly spoil.

  • Determine the Grape Ripeness: Depending on the skin of grapes, you will know exactly whether your grapes are fresh or not. Two major types of them are white and red grapes. Each type has particular signals of ripeness. For white grapes, their skin should be frosty green. Dark color is the compulsory requirement of purple and red grapes. If the grapes come with brown discoloration or spots, they have signs of rot indication.

  • Check the Smell of Grapes: Checking the smell of grapes helps you ensure their status. You could be rest assured about the quality of your grapes if they smell sweet and fresh. To contrast, the spoiled grapes smell like vinegar or fermentation.

  • Seek for the Indication of Molds on Grapes: Mold spreads quickly among different clusters of grapes. It is the reason causing soft, gray and white signals on the grape skin.


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How to Make Delicious Grape Wine at Home

The grape wine is the most preferred drink because of its special taste. You can manually brew grape wine at home as this method is considered safe and very good for health. In this process, you need a workhorse that is good vacuum sealer to help you preserve your achievements with the highest quality. My advice is that you should own a top rated machine.

If you like a little sweetness, you can compost with sugar grapes. As a matter of fact, making wine this way is faster than the natural compost fermented grapes. But many people seem to be preferable to make grape wine naturally. With the fermented grape,  its spontaneously formed alcohol in the most natural way which is considered the quintessential combination of fruit and yeast.

To make about 2 liters of grape wine, you need to prepare the following ingredients and utensils:


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Types of Wine

Humankind has chance to select their most suitable taste of wines among a variety of options. Wines are made from grapes, the fruit that are small in shape, contain seeds and have sweet taste. Depending on the regions where the grapes grow and types of grapes, we have different types of wines. The names of wines are classified based on colors, tastes, or their growing climate. The cool and dry season offers different favors than the warmer one. If you are overwhelmed by different labels of wines, keep on reading this article. It provides basic knowledge about different types of wine without any requirement of tasting. (more…)

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